Welcome to the GTFCC training platform. 

What is the GTFCC training platform?
This resource is the result of a GTFCC partner initiative to ensure that training materials that have been developed on cholera related topics are available for use by all. Through this initiative, the GTFCC hopes to facilitate training on cholera in the field and elsewhere and to promote the exchange of materials and ideas.

What can we find in the training platform?
The platform includes a variety of materials: full training packages, case studies, courses, videos and information of a variety of training methods. 

How do we search for training material?
You can search for materials by key words, by language and by type of material. When you scroll over the tile, a pop-up window will provide you some key information on who originally produce the material, the main subject areas, the context, the target audience and the languages in which the material is available. Clicking on the title will lead you to a full summary sheet with more information including learning objectives, content, training approach, and direct access to the materials.

Where do the training materials come from?   
The materials have been provided by and belong to GFTCC partners. No formal technical validation process has taken place as each partner agency has been considered responsible for ensuring the quality of the content of their own materials. When using materials provided, please ensure that the institution who provided the original material is fully acknowledged. 

How can we further develop this training material?  
As knowledge and guidelines evolve, the training materials will also need to be updated. Some adaptations may be necessary for the local context. Users may also want to change names or add local practices to make the materials more relevant to a specific context.

How can we add new resources?  
This platform will be most relevant if regularly updated. Please go to the "CONTACT" page of the GFTCC training platform to send additional materials, or materials that you have modified. We will add them to the platform, so other GTFCC partners can access them.

How can we provide our feedback?  
Each summary sheet has a space at the bottom to provide feedback on individual documents. We would also appreciate general feedback on the training materials or on the platform itself and how we can improve it. Please send comments using the form in the "CONTACT" page. 

Thank you