You are invited to search for training materials on this page. You can refine your search using different criteria:
1. Language: you can select the language of the training material (English, French, Portuguese ...)
2. Search: you can enter one or several key words (ex: outbreak investigation, WASH, vaccination). A list of all training materials with those key words will appear
3. Type of training material: you can search by type of material: "case studies", or "exercises", or "courses" (power point presentations), or "training packages"(e-briefing content or complete trainings), or "videos".
You can also access background and useful information on how to use different training techniques used in the case studies in “training methods”

When you have an initial list of training materials on your screen, you can get more information by placing the cursor on the title. A pop-up summary will appear with the following information: the organization that wrote the material, the domains covered, the context, the target audience and language.

If you are interested in more information, click on the title and a summary sheet will open. The summary sheet includes: a complete description of the material, links to download the training materials (often participant and facilitator versions) and a space to send feedback on the material.

Please send feedback and any adapted versions of materials you use. It will help keep materials updated and relevant.